Amputee Chris Olivier’s YouTube Review

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Amputee Chris Olivier’s YouTube Review

South African Amputee Chris Olivier dedicated his YouTube Channel – The Amped Life – to sharing his personal experiences and how he moved from a life of unhappiness and self-destructiveness, to a world flooded with awesomeness and freedom. Content includes videos on Amputee Life, Disability, Life and Living, looking at the struggles and how to deal with them, Amputee Activities, and also some Cinematic Fun.

smartCRUTCH was lucky enough to be included in a review video on Chris’s Channel here where Chris talks through his experience using smartCRUTCH.

He also features smartCRUTCH in a second video here where he documents a mountain hike where he uses his smartCRUTCH for extra stability.

He headlines his review with a note to say that smartCRUTCH are ‘The Best Crutches for Temporary or Permanent Disability. Must Have Equipment for the Disabled and Amputees. I have been using these for 2 years now, it’s become a must have part of my disability equipment.’

He also adds:

‘NOTE: This is NOT an endorsed video. I have no relation or interest whatsoever with the distributors or manufacturers. Comments are based solely on my personal experience.’

Thanks Chris!


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