Kim says her smartCRUTCH were ‘worth every penny’

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Kim says her smartCRUTCH were ‘worth every penny’

These crutches rock! I wasn’t nervous about my surgery, but was wigged out by the 1-2 months of boot/crutches aftermath. I got these about a week before surgery and practiced – do this if you possibly can. As with any crutch, it’s weird to move this way in the beginning, so I was happy to initially use them w/both legs viable.

After surgery, it didn’t take long to feel more comfortable using them, and a few days after that I was scooting around and actually had fun using them. I had been worried about how they might be on my back and wrists, but that was no problem and in fact I felt my back getting stronger with time.

Another great thing is that the same pair can be used by different people unless they’re wildly different heights/weights. So my husband can use the same ones, should he need them.

Ordering was easy, delivery was pretty quick, and they followed up to make sure I received and liked them. I HIGHLY recommend these, and have told everyone I know to just get them, should they ever need crutches.  Worth every penny!

Kim, Massachusetts, USA

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