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  • Supplied as a Pair (left & right crutch), High quality Memory Foam
    Shipping Costs?
  • Sale!
    Black Only, supplied as a pair (left & right crutch interchangeable)
    Shipping Costs?
    • Sold as a Pair, Left and Right handles are identical and interchangeable
    • 3 sizes, Junior, Petite/Midi and Standard/Maxi
  • High quality Memory Foam wing tip pads aid in shock absorption and increase comfort.
    Shipping Costs?
  • Sale!

    Buy 2 pairs and get 1 pair FREE

    • Plus $10 shipping US Postal Service all of North America.
    • Sold as 2 Pairs + 1 pair for free.
    • There is one size for Midi and Maxi
    • The ferrules are always Black in color.
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