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smartCRUTCH Rubber Tips - Fits ALL Models (PAIR)

smartCRUTCH Rubber Tips - Fits ALL Models (PAIR)

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  • These tips work with all smartCRUTCHES prior to 2019 as well as with the NEW 2019 smartCRUTCH
  • These are the removable rubber crutch tips at the bottom of the lower leg.
  • Sold as a Pair.
  • Left and Right rubber tips are identical and interchangeable.
  • There is one size and it will fit Small, Medium and Large cuff sizes.
  • Free postage included, when ordered as a spare pair alone or in combination with crutches which come with tips.
  • Price is quoted for a pair.
  • The rubber tips are always Black in color.

When changing your rubber tips, please follow the instructions in the FAQs.

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