Review from mom of 6 yr old with spastic cerebral palsy

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Review from mom of 6 yr old with spastic cerebral palsy

Good afternoon!

We have had our smartcrutches for a few weeks now and I wanted to tell you how amazing it has been. Our son is 6 years old and has spastic cerebral palsy, he recently got out of a reverse walker and is a full time crutch user now. We previously used walk easy forearm crutches but they caused him a lot of hand pain. With the smart crutches his hands no longer having all of his weight on them and his center of balance has been forced back to where it is supposed to be. He is able to walk taller and longer distances. We love that we can adjust the position of the handle, and we also love that although it is a full cuff it does easily break away when he goes to fall. We appreciate you going above and beyond to help us with the issue of his tips. The tornado tips are amazing, they help create a fluid motion so walking is very natural, and our son doesn’t feel the strike on the ground which helps him rely on himself more with walking than the crutch. Above all these crutches are allowing him to figure out more about walking on his own and how to move his body correctly. We appreciate this company so very much and will be lifetime smartcrutch users.

Thank you again,

Ashley, OK, USA





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