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smartCRUTCH® & Mobility Conditions

For long term mobility difficulties, or short term injuries, smartCRUTCH provides increased mobility and comfort.

Why smartCRUTCH?

Customers with long term disabilities, mobility issues and medical conditions, as well as permanent crutch users have enjoyed unparalleled success with smartCRUTCH. The patented design was born from real life miserable experiences associated with conventional crutch use.

The following are examples of mobility issues where conventional crutches cause additional pain and discomfort, but smartCRUTCH does not, resulting in increased mobility and the freedom to move.

smartCRUTCH can be set up easily to suit your very own unique condition and posture, including a single right or left crutch. Select from more than 46 easy use adjustments.

The Freedom to Move, Even With:

  • Guillain Barre Syndrome.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Osteo-Arthritis.
  • Amputees.
  • Hip or Knee Replacements.
  • Hip, Knee and Ankle breaks or surgery.
  • Permanent Users.
  • Stroke.
  • Users with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Weak & Injured Wrists.

Reduced Pressure | Reduced Pain |Improved Comfort | Increased Mobility!

You Will Feel The Difference!

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NOTICE: Maxi (Standard) and Midi (Petite) smartCRUTCH are currently low in stock and only available in limited colors while manufacturing changes are being made to keep up with the demand and your feedback! Thanks for your patience and continued support. Dismiss