smartCRUTCH FAQ’s2016-11-15T00:04:03-07:00
Where can I buy or try smartCRUTCH?2018-04-11T04:08:05-07:00
At this time the only way anyone is able to purchase smartCRUTCH products in the USA or Canada is directly from Smart Mobility Inc on the webshop.
Some DME’s (Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers) will purchase smartCRUTCH on your behalf, and these can be shipped to the DME for you to collect or shipped directly to you. As we currently do not offer a Dealer prices some dealers will not be willing to purchase these on your behalf or alternatively they will charge you a mark up for their involvement. However in this instance they are often able to bill your insurance and that is helpful!
As we realize smartCRUTCH is a tailored fit and it would be nice to try them before deciding to keep them, we have created a fair refund and returns policy. It will cost the shipping but we refund the product charges.
Some physical therapists and clinicians do have demo pairs which many of them have purchased so we don’t unfortunately have a list of these. However if your physician has a case for many patients requiring crutch use, ask them to contact us and we will send them a demo pair if we have one available.
Reasons why people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) prefer smartCRUTCH2017-08-15T23:21:17-07:00
Preferred crutch for ehlers danlos syndrome

Notes and details of why people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome prefer to use smartCRUTCH

How do I safely exchange the smartCRUTCH® lower legs?2017-02-28T04:05:32-07:00

Please follow the following steps to ensure that your lower legs are inserted easily.

If you don’t follow these instructions you could: pop the plastic stopper off the top of the lower leg, scratch the legs or end up with two plastic spacers.

1. Remove the current extension gently by pulling it straight down slowly, until you’re in line with the bottom hole.

2. Ideally you want to keep the plastic spacer with the lower leg, however check first to see if the spacers are too firmly adhered to the upper leg.

2a. If they are check to see if the lower leg extensions came with spacers and remove the extra spacers from the lower leg extensions, otherwise you will have two.

3a. Carefully remove the extension, making sure the plastic stopper is still in the top of the extension you are removing.


2b. If the spacer on the top leg is moveable, keep the plastic spacer on the lower part of the leg so that it ‘pops off’ with the bottom piece. Keep the spacer below the button at all times. Make sure the plastic stopper is still secure in the top of the lower leg.

3b. Check your new extension has the spacer still on the leg. Keep the plastic black spacer on the new lower leg well below the button (push it down past the button). Make sure the plastic stopper is securely in the top of the leg before starting to insert it.


4. Insert the new extension carefully – straight and slowly with the button on the opposite side to the holes until you have the plastic slider pushed back over the edge.

5. Move the button round by swiveling the leg until you can place it in the hole you want and pop it out through the hole.


Can I use smartCRUTCH® safely on all indoor surfaces and outdoors?2020-04-14T12:36:06-07:00

Yes, this is due to our replaceable rubber tips, the hour-glass shaped foot maximizes ground contact regardless of the leg position. The piece is made from rubber and is unique in design, allowing the rubber to angulate in all directions during the transfer to the ground, ensuring horizontal adherence on the non-skid flat tread to the ground at all times. This provides a far more secure hold than conventional crutch tips, adding to the increased feel of confidence the crutches give on various surfaces.

We do sell tip covers with studs for use on ice or snow. These are seasonal items so please contact us if you don’t see them available.

What spares should I buy with my smartCRUTCH® and how quickly will my rubber crutch tips wear out?2020-04-14T12:38:45-07:00

The MODULAR DESIGN of the smartCRUTCH™ means you will never be left wondering if you can ever obtain spares. From crutch grips, rubber tips to foam pads. Every single component of our forearm smartCRUTCHes are replaceable, and are stocked right here in the USA (with the exception of the colored cuff which is not sold separately).

For recovery of injury it’s very unlikely you’ll need to replace any parts from wear and tear, all the parts of the smartCRUTCH are made with durability of a permanent user in mind.

However if you are a permanent crutch user, wear and tear of parts will depend on a) your weight b) how much indoor versus outdoor use there is c) how much weight bearing there is.

Many users never need to replace any parts including the crutches rubber tips. However for very hard wearing users, the crutch rubber tips, foam pads in the cuff, and the handles (if the rubber wears down eventually) may need replacing after time. You can come back to the website at any time and buy these spare accessories as you need them.

If you are concerned you can always buy some spare accessories with your initial purchase, and for up to 3 spares we include this in the standard shipping price.
You can read more about our Warranty and Replacement Terms here.

Is smartCRUTCH® suitable for non-weight bearing use?2017-01-26T00:30:28-07:00

Absolutely! It’s a great choice for weight bearing or non-weight bearing.

Watch the bottom two videos on this page for tips on how to set up and non-weight bearing use.

Don’t worry it takes a little transition for your brain to understand it’s a new technique and after a short time you won’t ever be able to use another crutch again!

Why do you offer smartCRUTCH® with extended and shortened legs and what size are they?2020-04-14T13:13:41-07:00

All of the smartCRUTCH models have an option for a shortened or an extended lower leg. Below are the height ranges that require a shortened or an extended lower leg:

    • Height range of 4’4″ to 4’11” requires a shortened lower leg
    • Height range of 4’11’ to 6’4″ requires our default standard lower leg
    • Height range of 6’4″ to 6’7″ requires an extended lower leg
I’m going from axillary crutches to smartCRUTCH® – are there differences in the way you walk with them?2017-01-26T00:31:00-07:00

Yes absolutely, there are differences between any other crutch and smartCRUTCH, and particularly if you came from axillary crutches these will take some getting used to.

Make sure you hold your elbows close to your sides, and you place the feet slightly more forward and outwards (about 45 degrees) than you would axillary crutches. You also use them higher than you think you should (just check you’re not bunching up your shoulders or neck).

Watch the bottom two videos on this page for tips on how to set up and walk. Don’t worry it takes a little transition for your brain to understand it’s a new technique and after a short time you won’t ever be able to use another crutch type ever again!

Read Tom’s helpful review about his transition here.

I’ve received my smartCRUTCH® package, what should I do next to ensure the best experience possible?2017-01-26T00:31:20-07:00

Thank you for your order, we are so excited for you to receive your smartCRUTCH package.

Open it!!

We want you to have the best experience possible, and for this there are two things in our experience that would help you:

1. Set Up

Make sure your smartCRUTCHes are set up properly for you for maximum comfort and safety. There are instructions in the box, but it’s also worthwhile watching two of the videos on our website here. They are labeled “how to assemble smartCRUTCH’ and ‘Non weight bearing use’.

2. Transition

You can see from our amazing Reviews that smartCRUTCH changes lives.

However, it is a very different style of crutch use to what you have seen before and are used to (which is why it’s pain-free and comfortable). Please expect it to feel a little awkward and counter-intuitive when you first try them. That’s absolutely normal. Many customers report they took between 20 minutes to a couple of hours transitioning from other forearm crutches or from axillary to smartCRUTCH, but after that time they didn’t look back. 

Think about when you lie down on the couch to watch TV, you’re sideways and it’s rather awkward to watch, but 15 minutes later, your brain has figured it out and you’re seeing it the right way up. That’s because it created a new neuro-pathway for that, and it will for smartCRUTCH too, and quickly.

Read Tom’s helpful account of his transition here. 

The videos above are also helpful with this transition as they demonstrate walking with your smartCRUTCH.

Lastly, once you’ve got the hang of it (and you’re no longer in pain and whizzing around the place at top speed), please drop us a line and tell us all about it. We love reviews. They help other customers in the same situation as you to make this SMART leap.


The rubber used in smartCRUTCH® is latex free2017-01-26T00:31:33-07:00

If you have a latex allergy, you needn’t worry as smartCRUTCH is latex free.

Is smartCRUTCH® adjustable enough that two people could share them?2020-04-14T13:15:37-07:00

We often get asked if two people in one family can share a pair of smartCRUTCHes, as they both need crutches from time to time, or perhaps they both have surgeries coming up.

It is possible because there is a fair adjustable range within each model and they can be moved back and forth to fit each person. The trick is to match not just your heights but also your forearm circumference and forearm length. Essentially you need to work out if you can both use the same cuff size (small, medium or large).

Also, if you have the same cuff sizing but one of you falls outside of the height range you can buy an extra pair of lower leg extensions (either longer or shorter than the standard that it comes with). See Spares in our shop.  Then you can exchange these as well, each time you swap users.

There is a helpful table in the FAQs for sizing here, to see where you both fit.

And here’s instructions on how to measure yourselves.

You’ll just have to agree on a color you both like!

Will smartCRUTCH® bear my weight?2017-01-26T00:32:13-07:00

Our smartCRUTCHes are guaranteed/warrantied to a maximum weight of 260LBS (120kgs). For safety reason we don’t recommend you purchase them if you are over that weight.

Can I use a single smartCRUTCH® or use one smartCRUTCH® instead of a cane?2017-01-26T00:35:14-07:00

Yes, many customers use smartCRUTCH™ very successfully either with a single right or single left crutch.


Will my insurance cover smartCRUTCH®?2018-04-11T04:05:28-07:00


Smart Mobility Inc. (distributor of smartCRUTCH products in the USA and Canada) does not bill insurance on your behalf; all products are shipped on receipt of payment in full.

The good news is that in the past some customers have had their Health Insurance reimburse their purchase of smartCRUTCH. Individual insurance policies differ so vastly by medical necessity, provider, state and policy type that there is no one easy answer to this question. Some customers receive full or partial coverage, some are reimbursed the product cost and not shipping, and some are denied in full even with a prescription.

We are unable to guarantee the outcome of your reimbursement so if you are unsure; we suggest your first step is to contact your Insurance Provider ahead of time to confirm your policy inclusions and the process they need you to follow. We can provide you with a ‘sample’ receipt for the product you want so that your insurance company can assess the potential claim using the details on the receipt. Please email if you would like this sample PDF.

Please note that some Insurance providers will ask you to purchase smartCRUTCH through a DME (Durable Medical Equipment Supplier) or a measuring facility or orthotics company. At this time smartCRUTCH is not officially available through any other facility other than online at the webshop. That being said, we have seen that some DME’s have still purchased smartCRUTCH through the webshop on a customer’s behalf. The price you pay may differ to what you would purchase it directly through Smart Mobility Inc. We are able to drop ship directly to customers.

Once you have purchased your smartCRUTCH, we are unable to assist with insurance claims directly. However, on request, we will provide you with a separate detailed receipt to give you the best chance possible for success in your claim. If you are planning to claim your smartCRUTCH purchase from your insurance, here are some helpful suggestions for you to consider:

1.Some Insurance Providers request a completed HCFA CMS 1500 form from you with your claim. Your Medical Provider (physician, PT, OT, Orthopedic surgeon, referring medical practitioner) must fill out this form for you to attach to our receipt. We are not licensed to complete this form on your behalf. This form will include ICD-10 codes (disorders, injuries or conditions requiring you to use crutches). For smartCRUTCH there are literally thousands of ICD-10 codes that relate to reasons why patients would need to use crutches so we are not able to provide a limited list of these.

2. You need to request a detailed receipt at the time of placing your order with us (in the notes section of the check out form).

3. It is helpful to obtain a diagnosis code from your physician for your particular ailment and supply this to us in the notes section or via email, so we can include it on the receipt.

4. Some Insurance Providers request a Prescription from your Medical Provider. We are not able to provide a prescription for you.

5. The following CMS HCPCS Codes (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) may be relevant to your purchase (2017 edition)

E-0111   Crutch, forearm, includes crutches of various materials, adjustable or fixed, each, complete with tip and handgrip (single)

E-0110   Crutches, forearm, includes crutches of various materials, adjustable or fixed, pair, complete with tips and handgrips (pair)

E-0153   Platform attachment, forearm crutch, each

E-0100   Cane, includes canes of all materials, adjustable or fixed with tip

6. Some insurance forms ask for ‘a place of service’. This is the location where you will be using your crutches the most. This is usually ‘Home’ and is coded by the number ‘12’.

7. Smart Mobility Inc. has the following relevant information that your Insurance provider might require:

FEIN# 81-2899594

FDA Device Listing# D269388

National Provider Identifier (NPI) #1992215743

DME Supplier License ID #20176001225

8. If you do have to file a claim yourself, don’t put it off!  Many plans limit the length of time after receiving products or services that you can file a claim.  Some time limits are as little as 30 days. The date of our receipt will be the date you paid for it.

9. Keep a photocopy of all the paperwork you supply to your Insurance Provider, and send them the originals.

10. Your Insurance Benefits Summary document should include instructions on how to file, along with copies of claim forms or details on how to obtain them (such as downloading them online).

11. The back of your insurance card will likely have a toll free telephone number for member services that you can call for assistance, as well.

Good luck!


I am 6’4″ (193 cms) will your standard smartCRUTCH® model fit me?2020-04-14T13:26:49-07:00

We recommend that you choose the cuff size (small, medium or large) with an extended lower leg which will allow for height range from 6’4″ to 6’7″. So the extended leg would be for you! You just select your correct cuff size with the extended leg in the order drop down and you will be sent a pair with the longer legs automatically.

See our crutch sizing chart here –

I am 4’8″ (142 cms), will your adult small and junior smartCRUTCH® fit me?2020-04-14T13:25:30-07:00

The small smartCRUTCH cuff comfortably fits a height range of 4’4 inches all the way up to 6’7″ and a forearm circumference range of 8-10 inches. If you are shorter than 5’2″, less than 120 pounds, and have a forearm circumference range of 6 to 8 inches you could choose our Junior crutch.

See our crutch sizing chart here –

I would prefer to pay for my smartCRUTCH® a different way then through your webshop?2020-04-14T13:27:57-07:00

If you have an alternative method of payment we will try our very best to accommodate you, email us through our Contact Us form or call or text 207-752-7298 between 9am and 5pm EST Monday to Friday.

Please show me the full specifications for choosing smartCRUTCH® cuff size2020-04-14T13:31:06-07:00
I’m confused by the various measurement conversions, do you have a table of this to view?2020-04-14T13:32:10-07:00

See our crutch sizing chart here –



How do I exchange or replace the smartCRUTCH® crutch rubber tips?2020-04-14T13:35:38-07:00

When exchanging rubber tips, please do as follows.

  1. For the new smartCRUTCH models from 2019 on, you will first need to pry out the small rubber plug in the middle of the rubber tip on the bottom surface. This will expose a self-tapping screw that you should unscrew and set aside.
  2. Holding the leg of smartCRUTCH, clasp the rubber tip firmly between your feet.
  3. Lever the leg from side to side and back to front until the leg eases out of the rubber tip.
  4. Ensure the plastic stopper is still in the end of the leg and not caught in the rubber tip.
  5. Place the new rubber tip between your feet and repeat the same process to secure the new rubber tip on the end of the leg.
  6. Screw in the self-tapping screw and replace the small rubber plug.
How do I switch the smartCRUTCH® handles to a different crutch?2017-01-26T00:37:24-07:00

smartCRUTCH handles can be used for left or right crutches and are interchangeable. There are only two positions for each crutch – left or right. You should always use the handle angled correctly for that hand for maximum comfort.

Here are the steps to change the angle of the handle.

1. Remove the wingnut and two washers (pay attention to the order they go on as you will need to put it back in the exact order otherwise it could dig into the plastic).

2. With a hammer gently knock the screw out.

3. Twist the handle to the opposite angle (it has two grooves, one for left, one for right).

4. Replace the screw using the hammer again, and replace the wing nuts and washers in the same order.


I cannot put any weight on my hand and/or wrist, is smartCRUTCH® a platform crutch?2017-01-26T00:37:41-07:00

Yes, they are fully adjustable from 15 to 90 degrees, so each individual crutch can be adjusted to whatever angle suits your body. When used as a platform they completely remove pressure from your hands and wrists.

How do I know whether the small, medium or large cuff is the right size for me?2020-04-14T13:41:05-07:00

Every person’s body is slightly different – as is the way that they use smartCRUTCH (or any crutch). Generally the cuff size determines which crutch you would choose.  We have a shortened lower legs if you are 4’11 or shorter and we have extended lower legs if you are 6’4″ or taller.

However, we find the easiest way to ensure the correct sizing is to ask you for your specific measurements and let the ordering system do the work for you. You will need to measure your forearm circumference (measured around the largest part of your forearm) as well as the length of your forearm from the inside of your elbow crease to the inside of your wrist crease.

See our crutch sizing chart here –

If you’ve been through this already and are still unsure we would be happy to help you,  email us through our Contact Us form or call 800-930-5928 between 9am and 5pm EST Monday to Friday.

Is the color on your website is the exact color of the smartCRUTCH® I’ll get?2020-04-14T13:42:33-07:00

We have taken photographs for the website of the exact smartCRUTCH you’ll be receiving, however screen resolution isn’t always the same for every computer/phone so there could be a slight variation to what you can see on screen.

If for any reason the stock batch we receive has a significant change in hue, we will always advise you.

What are the most popular smartCRUTCH® colors sold?2017-01-26T00:38:30-07:00

Check out the Color Range here. There are 10 fashion colors to choose from, available on all smartCRUTCH models.

Black hands down is the most popular smartCRUTCH color.

After that for women: purple, grey and pink; and for men blue, grey and red in that order.

That being said we do sell a lot of each color, that is just on percentage.

Many customers buy a few different colors to match to their different activities, outfits or moods. They start with one color, and then add on as they go.

One customer bought Yellow to match his Mini Cooper, another bought Orange to match his dirt bike (he was recovering from an injury after falling from it), another bought Green to support his NFL team, a young women bought pink to match the recent streaks she put in her hair. Everyone’s different! (that’s why we have so many colors).

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