eNews#8 smartCRUTCH helps QL+ Enhanced Walker Project

YOU ARE HERE:>>>eNews#8 smartCRUTCH helps QL+ Enhanced Walker Project

eNews#8 smartCRUTCH helps QL+ Enhanced Walker Project

smartCRUTCH was pleased to play a small part in this interesting and worthwhile project!

Hello Matthew and Lauren,

Thank you for the support you provided to the QL+ team of engineers from Virginia Tech working on the Enhanced Walker Project.

On our social media platforms, we gave you a “shout out” for your support <Facebook><Twitter><Linked In

I also wanted to share a blog post about our Challenger, Phil, the Army Veteran here, working with the Virginia Tech team.  The successful completion of this project will give him more mobility and independence.  

QL+ and the student engineers are very grateful for your support!


Amber Humphrey

Chief Communications Officer

Midwest Region Program Manager

Quality of Life Plus Program

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio


Engineering an improved quality of life for those who serve.


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