eNews #2 Join our Beta Team

eNews #2 Join our Beta Team

Smart Mobility Inc, exclusive distributors of smartCRUTCH in North America, was established mid-June 2016.

As a new business, we have a long road ahead of us to get the word out about this amazing innovation in crutches. We have very lofty goals - we want EVERY SINGLE PERSON on crutches, to be on smartCRUTCH. This is because we believe smartCRUTCH is the best mobility product available and will provide ergonomically sound, comfortable and pain-free mobility to users. We can't have them sitting in storage, they can't change lives there! So let's get them out into the world as quickly as possible, and make a real difference.

If you are reading this you are likely with us at the beginning of this exciting journey and we need your help. Be part of our Beta Community and help us spread the word through your networks, and watch smartCRUTCH grow and thrive.

Here are some ways you can do this:
  • Share your story with us - who are you, what's your journey been like and why are you on crutches or on smartCRUTCH (videos, photos, blogs, however you prefer!)
  • Like, Follow, Share, Comment, Post and Give hearts on Pinterest; Facebook;  Instagram and Twitter.
  • Use our hashtags when you post #smartCRUTCH #ilovemysmartcrutch #smartcrutchJUNIOR #smartcrutchZEBRA #crutcheslife
  • Review your smartCRUTCH.
  • Write or Video a testimonial.
  • Send us private or public feedback on your user experience.
  • Connect us with bloggers, sites and reviewers that you follow.
  • Share your experience and our information with your support groups and medical professionals.
  • Suggest foundations, associations and organizations we should connect with.
  • Tell us hashtags you'd like us to check out - for groups, illnesses, foundations etc
  • Tell us about the chronic illness, invisible or rare disease that smartCRUTCH helps you with and we'll try to create awareness for you about it and support you
We have a special interest in where our smartCRUTCHes travels around the world (pics of you out and about #ohtheplacesyouwillgo); smartCRUTCH and animals friends and encounters (pets or wild #smartcrutchfurbabies #smartcrutchgoeswild); how you match up your smartCRUTCH color with other things in your life (your hair, your car, your pet, your foundation for awareness etc. #matchymuchsmartcrutch); and finally creative things you should rather be doing with axillary crutches than further damage to your body - like build furniture with it! #ratherdothiswithaxillarycrutches.
If you have photos or ideas that work for any of these, please send them our way!
You can read some of the other reviews and testimonials here.

We can't do this without your help, so thank you in advance.

We appreciate you.
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