Details And Specifications Of Smart Crutches

smartCRUTCH® Improves posture, resulting in less pain and fatigue.

smartCRUTCH is a versatile crutch designed to prevent pain and discomfort. The unique design offers individuals with short term disability, long term disability, or chronic hand, wrist or joint disease, a new comfort in mobility.

Memory foam for maximum comfort | Adjustable leg length | Ergonomically designed hand grips.

smartCRUTCH Modular Design

smartCRUTCH® USA Specifications

smartCRUTCH USA Specifications

  • Select from three cuff sizes – Small, Medium and Large.  You can find the right size with our PerfectFIT sizing tool
  • 3-point forearm length settings for additional customization.
  • Hand pressure reduced up to six times per cm² (0.5kg/cm²) (7.11 lbs/in²).
  • 15° to 90° forearm platform settings to provide maximum comfort.
  • 10 position push-pin height adjustment.
  • Size Ranges : 4′ 4″ – 6′ 7″
  • Weight Bearing Limitation. Max: 265 lbs
  • Crutch weight (single crutch) – 907 grams. (2 lb).
  • Platform memory foam for lasting comfort.
  • Collapsable cuff and lower leg design for ease of traveling.
  • Hourglass-shaped crutch tips designed to maximize surface contact.
  • Spare parts and replacement parts are available to buy.
  • Specialized crutch tips and high density foam designed for shock absorption.

Reduced Pressure | Reduced Pain |Improved Comfort | Increased Mobility!

You Will Feel The Difference!

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