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Forearm Crutches - "perfectFIT" - Choose Your Color, Tell us your measurements and we'll fit you with the right crutch!

Forearm Crutches - "perfectFIT" - Choose Your Color, Tell us your measurements and we'll fit you with the right crutch!

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Product Details:

Get the perfect fit for your Smartcrutches!

CAN YOU USE smartCRTUCH FOREARM CRUTCHES? - It is important that you read the description entirely before buying, as there are several factors to consider, including height and weight considerations.

WILL IT FIT? - Custom Fit Crutches include a patented cuff adjustment design - nine positions from 15° to 90° platform position. 3 custom forearm length settings - 10 height adjustments for optimal comfort and adaptable support for adults of all sizes and heights. Supports up to 250 pounds.

GREAT SELECTION OF COLORS: Featuring over 20 unique colors and designs to select from. Adjustable forearm crutches are more flexible than loftstrand crutches and don't cause strain like underarm crutches. Includes hourglass-shaped rubber crutch tips for extra stability, traction, and safety.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Supports up to 260 pounds. Ideal for those 4’4” up to 6’7”. Crutch size is determined by your height range and your forearm circumference (measure around the largest part of your forearm.) See Customize Now button before adding to your cart.

WHO IS THIS FOR? - Stabilizing Support for Mobility Assistance - Whether recovering from surgery, injury from sports, EDS, and similar permanent syndromes, or wanting a knee crutch or wheelchair alternative, you can move freely and confidently with SmartCRUTCH. Offers those with short/long term disabilities or chronic hand, wrist or joint disease, a new comfort in mobility.

BENEFITS OF smartCRUTCH: Reduces pressure, stress and fatigue on shoulders, wrists, and underarms - Distributes your body weight over your forearm, releasing pressure on hands, wrists, and shoulders. Improves posture, resulting in less pain and fatigue. Ergonomically designed grip provides a natural wrist angle and even-load across the palm.

COMFORT IS HERE: Featuring high-density memory foam, shock absorption built right into the crutch tips, and a comfortable rubber handle grip. Transfers weight evenly and reduces pressure up to six times. The 15–90-degree setting gives you choices with the twist of a dial.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Reduces Strain on Hands. Pressure reduced when in the platform position - A new generation of crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind, transforms quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort. Designed by Colin Albertyn based on his experience with conventional crutches from upper and lower injuries caused by motocross.

FROM smartCRUTCH: Great Customer Service, Industry leading 1-year warranty on crutches, Free access to training videos. Passionate about giving The Freedom to Move!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ashley Wetzel
So thankful

I am so happy with my smart crutches so far. I have EDS and is so nice to be able to adjust things to fit my needs each day. Thank you for creating such a helpful product. Also customer service is absolutely amazing. So nice and helpful with my questions.

Julia Valenca Schoen
Lifechanging, Life-renewing, Thank you Smartcrutch!

I've been struggling so much with my mobility the past few years, I refused to leave my house. I got some classic forearm crutches from my physio and after trialling them I noticed crutches were for me, but not those crutches.
The Smartcrutches (even using them in the closest sertting I got to 'classic' forearm crutch models) haven't caused any extra pain to my elbows, and way less pressure to my wrists than the other one did. I was really scared of having to go straight into a wheelchair (limiting where I could go in my life) since the other crutches hurt me so bad, but these are incredible and seem to have no downsides.
I also got the feeling this company actually cares about their product and customers. I reached out to them a few times about their shipping since I live in Canada and I asked them for an invoice to submit to my insurance for a refund and they always helped out with empathy and charisma. I also really appreciated the handwritten note I received with the crutches, and the extra padding they sent as well!
I can't stop reccomending these, especially since the 'classic' options are so restrictive and more custom ones are unaffordable. They look sturdy, you can see the thought that went behind production, and they're customizable to those who want something that goes with their style instead of against it.
I'll stop singing praises now, since this review is so long, but truly, really life-renewing. Thank you SmartCrutch!

Highly Recommend

Very comfortable and reduced my lower body pain significantly with hEDS

Wonderful Crutches

The crutches I just received were for my granddaughter. We had a “professional” measure her so that there would be no “mistakes” on the measurements and I ordered based on what information I was given. However, the cuff seems way too big for her even with the cuff pads. She was very excited to receive them and is extremely pleased with the crutches. She says she can make due but I would like to see if a solution to the issue can be found.
I contacted Lauren and was sent another set of add-on pads to tighten up the forearm. They actually tightened them up too much so we opted to put a piece of leather in instead of the pads as was recommended by Lauren.
My granddaughter uses these crutches whenever she is not in her wheelchair and they give her added mobility without the problems of other crutch types. I would definitely recommend these crutches.
Thank You Lauren for all your help.


Amazing product! 10/10 would recommend! I can move and be free again! I'm not limited to flat ground and short distances. Costumer service is just as amazing if not better than the product itself. I had a rubber tip split and break 3 days after receiving it and they listened and problem solved to find a solution. Truly amazing, genuinely caring people. I wish there was more I could do to give them the recognition they deserve! I will definitely continue working with them in the future!