smartCRUTCH makes the grade for #TeamHappyFeet and Marie at Dallas MS Walk

Selecting the Appropriate Mobility Device to Support MS Sufferers

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society "When rehabilitation with a physical or occupational therapist does not improve walking to a sufficient degree, mobility can often be enhanced with the use of a mobility device. Finding a mobility device that is suitable and appropriate to your particular needs is very important."

Crutches are included as an option when selecting a mobility device.  While selecting the most appropriate device is a personal choice based on need, we are pleased to say that many of our customers have shared their positive experiences with smartCRUTCH® and happiness with their choice.  While smartCRUTCHES may not be for everyone, we are thrilled to know that there are many happy users out there and support them in their mobility!  The Freedom to Move!

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