David says you won’t regret your SmartCrutch purchase

David says you won't regret your SmartCrutch purchase

"The axial crutches and platform crutch additions provided by my insurance provider caused significant shoulder pain and callouses on my hands. After a few weeks of using conventional crutches, I had more pain in my shoulder hurt from the crutches than leg pain from the injury I needed crutches for in the first place. Dealing with the insurance company and their subcontractor for DME was painful, the representatives I spoke to had no vested interest in my satisfaction, and it showed throughout the process. And they still did not provide me the equipment that I needed. So I searched the web for alternatives, I came across SmartCrutch, and I couldn't be any happier with the product or the customer service.
The platform crutches provided by my insurance weighed about 10 lbs each, I needed a wrench to loosen and tighten the dials to adjust the angle, and after all that effort, was able to only adjust the angle slightly. I ordered the SmartCrutch for 2 day delivery and it came the next day. The cuff was slightly too large for my arm and dug into my bicep, and customer service sent me smaller replacement cuffs at no charge.
Immediately upon using the SmartCrutch, walking did not cause pain in my shoulder, the crutches were lightweight and stylish and I was able to fully comply with my doctor's orders.Customer service was also very helpful in providing a receipt that could be successfully submitted as an out of network claim for my insurance provider. Perhaps the nicest part of the experience was the handwritten note that Kirsten included in the shipment, wishing me a speedy recovery and success in my upcoming surgery.
You won't regret your SmartCrutch purchase. Great product, great people, great service."
David, New Jersey, USA
David says you won’t regret your SmartCrutch purchase

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