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Welcome to smartCRUTCH® USA and Canada.

smartcrutch-usa.com is the official US and Canadian website for the patented smartCRUTCH® forearm crutches.

smartCRUTCH® History

smartCRUTCH-USA is the U.S./Canada distributor for smartCRUTCH which was invented by Colin Albertyn who founded and operated smartCRUTCH Mobility. Colin’s invention originated from a ruptured Achilles tendon, which required him to use conventional crutches during his recovery.  He, like many others, experienced severe pain and discomfort that lead him to the creation of a innovative crutch device – smartCRUTCH.  Colin was also the brother of 3x World Motocross Champion and 1x U.S. National Motocross Champion, Greg Albertyn.  Understanding first-hand the injuries involved in the sport of motocross and the importance of quicker, less stressful recovery time for professional athletes, reinforced Colin’s passion to invent improved mobility products.

Colin, who sadly passed, worked tirelessly together with his worldwide distributors, to further innovate and progress smartCRUTCH. He listened to customer feedback and seeked medical professional reviews to improve his product.

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