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Welcome to smartCRUTCH® USA and Canada.

smartcrutch-usa.com is the official US and Canadian website for the patented smartCRUTCH® forearm crutches.

About smartMOBILITY Inc

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We are the exclusive suppliers of smartCRUTCH to the USA and Canada, joining a worldwide network for distributing this exciting innovation in crutches.

Smart Mobility Inc. is owned and operated by a Father-Daughter duo living 10,000 miles apart, but sharing the same passion for unique, quality products that are affordable, and delivering them with a personal touch and a genuine care for those that use them.

Founder Errol East owned and managed a manufacturing and international distribution business in Access Control for 35 years, before selling it to a major global corporation.

President & CEO Kirsten Le Roux has had a professional career in marketing, and she has a soft spot for truly creative, beautifully designed, innovative products. Kirsten wants to live in a world where everyone has the freedom to move as much as possible, as she values that herself. Having had just a glimpse of how painful using axillary crutches was after breaking her ankle, she was delighted to find smartCRUTCH and couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t already using them.

Kirsten and her husband Mike live in Pagosa Springs in Colorado, a small picturesque mountain town in the South San Juan Mountains (just below Wolf Creek Pass), and Kirsten is proud to bring a distributorship to rural Colorado, supporting local business.

When she’s not madly dispersing smartCRUTCHES, you can find her plotting her next travel adventure. Kirsten and Mike grew up in South Africa but have lived in London and Belfast in the UK, Melbourne and Cairns in Australia and now they are enjoying the cooler climate of the American Rockies.

Below: Kirsten leaving the hospital after breaking her ankle, unsuccessfully using axillary crutches that resulted in the first connection with smartCRUTCH.

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Below: Kirsten, Jenny and Errol at the southern most tip of South Africa.

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About smartCRUTCH®

smartCRUTCH was founded and is currently operated by Colin Albertyn. Colin’s invention originated from a ruptured Achilles tendon, which required him to use conventional crutches during his recovery.

He, like many others, experienced severe pain and discomfort that lead him to the creation of a innovative crutch device – smartCRUTCH. Colin is also the brother of 3x World Motocross Champion and 1x U.S. National Motocross Champion, Greg Albertyn.

Understanding first-hand the injuries involved in the sport of motocross and the importance of quicker, less stressful recovery time for professional athletes, reinforced Colin’s passion to invent improved mobility products.

Colin and his team work tirelessly, together with his worldwide distributors, to further innovate and progress smartCRUTCH. He listens to customer feedback as well as seeking medical professional reviews.

Colin has already expanded smartCRUTCH to include a Petite and Pediatric version, and he plans to expand the range into accessories and other leading mobility products that are also high tech, beautiful, functional and solve problems for those with mobility issues.

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