How do I exchange or replace the smartCRUTCH® crutch rubber tips?

When exchanging rubber tips, please do as follows.

  1. For the new smartCRUTCH models from 2019 on, you will first need to pry out the small rubber plug in the middle of the rubber tip on the bottom surface. This will expose a self-tapping screw that you should unscrew and set aside.
  2. Holding the leg of smartCRUTCH, clasp the rubber tip firmly between your feet.
  3. Lever the leg from side to side and back to front until the leg eases out of the rubber tip.
  4. Ensure the plastic stopper is still in the end of the leg and not caught in the rubber tip.
  5. Place the new rubber tip between your feet and repeat the same process to secure the new rubber tip on the end of the leg.
  6. Screw in the self-tapping screw and replace the small rubber plug.
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