smartCRUTCH Modular Design

smartCRUTCH® Combines the Concepts of Platform and Forearm Crutches to be a Versatile Mobility Aid

The smartCRUTCH® is designed to combine the benefits of both platform and forearm crutches. Here’s how it integrates the concepts:

  • Adjustable Forearm Platform: The angle of the forearm platform can be adjusted to reduce or increase the weight load on the hands and wrists, transferring more load to the forearm if needed.
  • Even Weight Distribution: It maximizes comfort by spreading the load over a larger surface area, minimizing pressure on any single point.
  • Ergonomic Design: The grips are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and maximize load displacement, with a specific offset angle to ensure stability.
  • Modular Design: smartCRUTCH® offers a fully adjustable, modular design that allows for user customization and variation, including three-point forearm length settings.

These features aim to reduce or potentially eliminate the injuries commonly associated with the use of standard crutches, such as nerve and joint damage, while also maintaining proper posture and minimizing fatigue. This makes smartCRUTCH® a versatile mobility aid that provides improved comfort and increased mobility for its users. The Freedom to Move!

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