Modular smartCRUTCH Groovy Design

What Makes smartCRUTCH® Unique Versus a Standard Forearm Crutch?

The smartCRUTCH® design incorporates all of the benefits of a forearm style while minimizing or eliminating the compressive forces on the hands and wrists.
It does this by allowing the user to adjust the angle of the forearm platform to reduce or increase the amount of weight load to the hands and wrists.
Transferring this load to the forearm can reduce or potentially eliminate injuries commonly found with the use of standard underarm or forearm crutches as stated above.

smartCRUTCH® also helps maintain proper posture, relieve stress and minimize fatigue setting you up for a safe and speedy recovery. They also feature a modular design that enables incredible flexibility for the user to make comfort adjustments.

Allows even weight distribution for maximum comfort:
Maximizes comfort through even distribution on hands, wrists and forearms
Spreads load over larger surface area minimizing pressure
Fully adjustable to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements
Ergonomically designed grips:
Enhances comfort and maximizes load displacement
Grips are offset 7° to ensure stability and comfort
Specifically designed left and right hand grips
Fully adjustable, modular design:
User variation and customization
3 point forearm length settings
Hourglass-shaped foot maximizes surface contact
Reduced Pressure | Reduced Pain |Improved Comfort | Increased Mobility!

Explore smartCRUTCH-USA today and see all the available designs that make it even more unique! The Freedom to Move!
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