Crutches that are truly smart

Crutches that are truly smart!

Guest review on by Cori Fischer

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Cori Fischer (Occupational Therapist, Student and Patient) wrote a guest review on using her smartCRUTCH Junior and we wanted to share it for those considering the Junior as their model of choice.
Read the full post here, but here are a few snippets
"Hi, my name is Cori. Let me tell you about smartCRUTCH.  To begin,  I am 19 years old.  I have a movement disorder that affects my legs.  This makes walking difficult at times. Anyone who has spent more than a day using conventional crutches realizes they are a pain.  In every definition of the word, they are a pain. Last year, however, I discovered a pair of crutches called smartCRUTCH.  They are definitely a game changer!
....Unlike traditional crutches that rub and cause pain under your armpits, the smartCRUTCH have forearm pads made out of memory foam.  So, it makes it very comfortable. There is no rubbing and no pain
....Because I do not have to hold onto the crutches with my whole arm to move, my hands are freer. They make balancing easier as well. I go to a university in a very snowy and windy part of the country. Although traditional crutches make it more dangerous to walk, the smartCRUTCH actually help me to maintain my balance, even in the inclement weather."
Thanks Lainie and Cori!

Guest review on using smartCRUTCH junior by Cori - found on

Cori Fischer (Occupational Therapist, Student and Patient) guest reviews smartCRUTCH Junior on

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