Nadine is the number one lover of smartCRUTCHES.

"When my daughter found smartCRUTCHES online some years ago, my life changed for the better forevermore.  I was using the old style polio crutches which caused a great deal of damage to my hands, arms, and shoulders, but in order to stay mobile, there was no other real alternatives UNTIL smartCrutch!  They have made a big difference in the way I walk and stand.  These crutches have taken so much pressure off my hands, arms, and shoulders. They are so much more stable than any other crutch on the market today.  My heart fell to my feet when I could not find my first dealer again.  I sent an email to his old email address and thank goodness he replied and help me find Smart Mobility and my smartcrutches again.  

They are truly a life changing way to continue to be mobile and more active.  I am so very thankful for the young man the invented these crutches. 

I am the number one lover of these crutches and want everyone to know how wonderful they are.

# 1 FAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

A faithful user always,"

Nadine, South Carolina, USA

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