Once Tom transitioned to smartCRUTCHES he is never going to switch back

"SmartCRUTCHES, the most comfortable way to be crutchy!

I recently had surgery on my left foot which was going to leave me not able to put any weight on it for about 6 weeks.  I had a similar surgery on my right foot almost 20 years ago while I was in the Army and outside of the pain from the surgery itself, the one thing that stuck out in my memory was how raw my armpits were after several weeks of crutching around.  Very frustrating.  Couldn’t walk and it hurt to use crutches.  That’s why I was so intrigued when I came across these SmartCRUTCHES.  Instead of all of my weight being distributed on my armpits, I was using the strength of my shoulders and arms to hold myself up.  Right off the bat I noticed that these crutches were more comfortable under my arms, but they seemed very hard to balance on.  The motion used with SmartCRUTCH is so much different than regular crutches.  For the first 4 or 5 days I actually carried my regular crutches and my SmartCRUTCHES in my car with me as I wasn’t for sure which pair I preferred.  By the end of the first week it had become clear.  I had gotten used to the SmartCRUTCH and was easily able to move around with them.  No more pain under my arms!  I felt like it was somewhat more natural to use regular crutches as you get to lean all of your body weight on them and they are directly under you, but the thing that makes regular crutches more convenient is also the same thing that makes them painful.  With the SmartCRUTCH, they are out in front of you instead of directly under you and you do have to use strength from your muscles to hold yourself up.  I believe this is where the learning curve came in.  But like I said, after the first week I would’ve never wanted to switch back.  

Thanks SmartCRUTCH"

Tom, Colorado, USA

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