Stephen needed smartCRUTCH® after he crashed his 350SX. He made sure the orange matched his 1190R Adventure!

Stephen needed smartCRUTCH® after he crashed his 350SX. He made sure the orange matched his 1190R Adventure!

"I am an Army Veteran and have spent a fair amount of time on traditional crutches. When I was given another set after my latest surgery I was reminded how uncomfortable, cumbersome, and noisy they were…. I wanted something better. I use smartCRUTCH to increase my mobility and reduce my discomfort.

After researching different styles I was really impressed by the adjustability of them. They allowed me to make the crutch work for my walking style, not force me to change my walking style to adapt to the crutch. I also like the fact that they were designed by someone in the off road motorcycle world. I ride a lot and sometimes you go down. I am sure once I heal up I will re-injure myself and need my smartCRUTCHes again!!

My smartCRUTCHes are very comfortable!! They distribute the pressure very well and do not create sore spots on my arms. They are also very quiet. The rattle and clicks of traditional crutches drive me nuts! The feet are also very stable and grippy. I am always confident that they will not slip while I am out and about.

Thanks! "

Stephen, Wisconsin, USA

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