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NEW Fetterman Pullover Ice Tips™ - Fits ALL Models (PAIR)

NEW Fetterman Pullover Ice Tips™ - Fits ALL Models (PAIR)

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Product Details:
  • Provide effective protection from slipping and falling on icy surfaces.
  • Work on same principal as studded snow tires
  • Invented by Thomas Fetterman because he couldn't leave his house because of ice during the winter.
  • Universal Attachment - Fits any of our standard round rubber tip bottoms up to 2"
  • Easy installation, no tools necessary.
  • These are the removable with the flick of your foot which puts them in a neutral position off to the side
  • Free postage included, when ordered as a spare pair alone or in combination with crutches which come with tips.
  • Price is quoted based on if you order a single or pair.
  • The rubber tips are always Black and Red in color.
  • Here's what customer Floyd S. has to say about them:  "I live in the middle of New York state where the winters are brutal with lots of ice and Thomas’s tips have been a lifesaver!  They grip the ice like crazy and they stay sharp. I have a deck outside my backdoor that is really worn smooth and slippery when wet so it is a death trap with ice and these tips have kept me from falling more that once. They are worth every cent you pay for them." 

When adding your ice tips, please follow the directions.

Customer Reviews

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M Gwin
Took a bit but fits spring tips

It seems like they're going to rip but they won't! Stays on perfectly fine now (:

Thanks so much for your great question, yes... it gets a bit funky with the spring tips which are super tall almost like high heels. So please review the video explanation I made for you below. We have our fingers crossed that this clearly explains one way to get the ice tips working nicely with your cool spring tips. Good luck! :-) Move freely, Lauren DeLong and the Customer Support Team


Great for keeping the crutches from slipping on snow and ice. A little unwieldy to have on when not in use. Overall, very glad I purchased them, though.