Can two people use the same crutches?

We often get asked if two people in one family can share a pair of smartCRUTCHes, as they both need crutches from time to time, or perhaps they both have surgeries coming up.

It is possible because there is a fair adjustable range within each model and they can be moved back and forth to fit each person. The trick is to match not just your heights but also your forearm circumference and forearm length. Essentially you need to work out if you can both use the same cuff size (small, medium or large).

Also, if you have the same cuff sizing but one of you falls outside of the height range you can buy an extra pair of lower leg extensions (either longer or shorter than the standard that it comes with). See Spares in our shop. Then you can exchange these as well, each time you swap users.

There is a helpful table in the FAQs for sizing here, to see where you both fit.
And here’s instructions on how to measure yourselves.

You’ll just have to agree on a color you both like!

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