Where can I buy or try smartCRUTCH?

This is the official authorized site for smartCRUTCH products in the USA and Canada.  All current products are now available and in stock.
Some DME’s (Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers) will purchase smartCRUTCH on your behalf, and these can be shipped to the DME for you to collect or shipped directly to you. As we currently do not offer a Dealer prices some dealers will not be willing to purchase these on your behalf or alternatively they will charge you a mark up for their involvement. However in this instance they are often able to bill your insurance and that is helpful!
As we realize smartCRUTCH is a tailored fit and it would be nice to try them before deciding to keep them, we have created a fair refund and returns policy. It will cost the shipping but we refund the product charges.
Some physical therapists and clinicians do have demo pairs which many of them have purchased so we don’t unfortunately have a list of these. However if your physician has a case for many patients requiring crutch use, ask them to contact us and we will send them a demo pair if we have one available.
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