How do I safely exchange the smartCRUTCH® lower legs?

Please follow the following steps to ensure that your lower legs are inserted easily.

If you don’t follow these instructions you could: pop the plastic stopper off the top of the lower leg, scratch the legs or end up with two plastic spacers.

1. Remove the current extension gently by pulling it straight down slowly, until you’re in line with the bottom hole.

2. Ideally you want to keep the plastic spacer with the lower leg, however check first to see if the spacers are too firmly adhered to the upper leg.

2a. If they are check to see if the lower leg extensions came with spacers and remove the extra spacers from the lower leg extensions, otherwise you will have two.

3a. Carefully remove the extension, making sure the plastic stopper is still in the top of the extension you are removing.


2b. If the spacer on the top leg is moveable, keep the plastic spacer on the lower part of the leg so that it ‘pops off’ with the bottom piece. Keep the spacer below the button at all times. Make sure the plastic stopper is still secure in the top of the lower leg.

3b. Check your new extension has the spacer still on the leg. Keep the plastic black spacer on the new lower leg well below the button (push it down past the button). Make sure the plastic stopper is securely in the top of the leg before starting to insert it.


4. Insert the new extension carefully – straight and slowly with the button on the opposite side to the holes until you have the plastic slider pushed back over the edge.

5. Move the button round by swiveling the leg until you can place it in the hole you want and pop it out through the hole.


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