smartCRUTCH Motivator Theraphy Poles for Rehab

smartCRUTCH-USA Introduces the smartCRUTCH Motivator Therapy Pole


smartCRUTCH-USA is pleased to introduce the smartCRUTCH Motivator Therapy Pole. It is a high quality rehab walking pole for seniors and others that offers the innovative and unique Motivator grip. Trusted by physical therapists for balance improvement, it is ideal for Parkinson's patients, stroke recovery, cancer rehab, hip replacement, knee surgery, spinal injuries or anywhere walking is part of your rehab. The unique design relieves joint stress and enhances posture and core muscles. Takes weight and stress off of knees and joints and can ease the pain of arthritis while walking.

Its patented grip is ergonomic and has two thumb positions. Position 1 - Thumb on the side gives you a stable hold and balance. Position 2 - Thumb on the top reduces stress on hands and wrists and improves proprioception and stability. Meanwhile, the palm cradle provides maximum hand support, maintaining a neutral wrist position and reducing strain on wrists and joints and helps engage core muscles as you walk.

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smartCRUTCH Motivator Therapy Poles
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