Yellow Leaves on the Ground and Trees

Taking Care in the Fall

Using crutches during the fall season can present some additional challenges due to potentially slippery or uneven surfaces. Here's a safety tip for using crutches in the fall: Be Mindful of Wet and Slippery Surfaces!

Fall often brings rain, leaves, and wet conditions. Pay close attention to the ground as you walk with crutches. Avoid stepping on wet leaves, puddles, or slippery surfaces like wet tile or linoleum. Make sure your crutch tips have good traction to prevent slips. If you must walk on wet surfaces, take slow and cautious steps to maintain your balance. Additionally, consider using crutch accessories like ice grippers or all-terrain crutch tips for added stability and traction during the fall, especially if you live in an area with ice and snow.

Remember to exercise The Freedom to Move safely!!

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