smartCRUTCH Cuff in Zebra Design

The Ehlers-Danlos Society 2024 Global Learning Conference

smartCRUTCH® USA is pleased to share that the Ehlers-Danlos Society will be hosting the 2024 Global Learning Conference in Philadelphia, July 17-21. The conference offers a great opportunity for individuals and families with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD) to learn, collaborate and network.

We are thrilled that the Ehlers-Danlos Society is able to bring together such a special and resilient community to learn from healthcare professionals and make connections with others that can provide lifelong benefits.

While we are not able to attend to share the advantages of smartCRUTCH®, we will provide a pair of smartCRUTCHes and Motivator Therapy Poles for auctions during the event. It is the least we can do to support the community. Here's to wishing all involved a tremendous event! The Freedom to Move!

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