York Nordic Motivator Folding Travel Poles

York Nordic Motivator Folding Travel Poles Featured in Green Global Travel's Best New Travel Gear for 2024

smartCRUTCH USA is proud to share that our York Nordic Motivator Folding Travel Poles are featured in Green Global Travel's compilation of Best New Travel Gear for 2024.

While our sister brand York Nordic folding poles have long been recognized for their travel convenience and versatility, we are pleased that the unique Motivator version has quickly received the same recognition since its introduction early this year. Features such as the ability to fold down to just 13.5 inches and durability are noted while the patented contoured Motivator grip is highlighted for the balance and stability it provides.

More than anything, we are thrilled knowing that our walking poles are seen as helpful for hiking, trekking, walking and rehab. The Freedom to Move!

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