Aria starts her school year out of a wheelchair thanks to smartCRUTCH®

“The crutches are GREAT! I absolutely love them! I now find myself using them all of the time when I'm going places I know aren't wheelchair accessible, or if I know I'm just going to be walking a little bit in stores or at school clubs and such. They are helping me to expand my boundaries and build my stamina, without the high risk of falling I had before.
With the smartCRUTCHes, my goal this year is to be able to walk a full day of school on them (by the end of the school year), and I think that it is definitely an attainable goal - and it's all thanks to you and your hard work getting them here to me. Walking isn't a dread any more, it's an opportunity for me that I look forward to.”
Aria, Massachusetts, USA

Photo: Aria and her sister
Aria and her sister
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