Using smart CRUTCHes means Jamie can now manage her CRPS

"In 2012 I had a very minor injury while at work. By March of that year I was noticing that I was not getting much better. Thankfully I had a wonderful, informed, doctor who was eventually able to diagnose me with a very rare sympathetic nervous system disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). I was originally diagnosed with CRPS of the left foot. Over that last few years it has spread up the left leg and to the right foot. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced! It makes walking extremely painful and affects my balance leading to many falls. 

I was using a traditional cane which is very stressful to my hand, wrist and shoulder. Since the spread of this disease is thought to be triggered by pain signals as soon as something hurts in an "unaffected" limb I have to stop doing it. This meant that all activities had to be limited to less than an hour. Since the smartCRUTCHES I can now go out without worrying about spreading the CRPS to my right (dominate) hand/wrist/shoulder.  I have been able to go to my niece's baseball game for the first time. I can go to family events without fear of spreading the disease. The only thing I will mention is that I wish the smartCRUTCH had "hurry cane" style foot so that it could stand on its own. Even without it this product has changed my life!"

Jamie, California

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