eNews#6 Kerri on the Canadian Prairies reviews smartCRUTCH

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eNews#6 Kerri on the Canadian Prairies reviews smartCRUTCH

Chronically Badass Canadian Kerri is a blogger who approached smartCRUTCH to use and review our crutches after enduring a long term injury to her knee due to her biomechanics (Read the ‘About’ page on her website here).

Kerri has now trialled them and has written an extensive blog review which includes a dozen photos as well as two videos of her unboxing and setting them up as well as using them and reviewing.

Here’s her full review on her website kerriontheprairies.com

To personalize them even further Kerri did a sweet recover in pink and white and also added some velcro strapping to the cuffs, which she shows you and has taken photos of.

You can follow Kerri on Twitter @KerriYWG and on Instagram @kerriontheprairies



Kerri does archery and here’s a fun instagram post from an archery outing with her smartCRUTCH


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