I'm going from axillary crutches to smartCRUTCH® - are there differences in the way you walk with them?

Yes absolutely, there are differences between any other crutch and smartCRUTCH, and particularly if you came from axillary crutches these will take some getting used to.

Make sure you hold your elbows close to your sides, and you place the feet slightly more forward and outwards (about 45 degrees) than you would axillary crutches. You also use them higher than you think you should (just check you’re not bunching up your shoulders or neck).

Watch the bottom two videos on this page for tips on how to set up and walk. Don’t worry it takes a little transition for your brain to understand it’s a new technique and after a short time you won’t ever be able to use another crutch type ever again!

Read Tom's helpful review about his transition here.


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