Dave finds comfort with smartCRUTCHES® after 50 years of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

"I've had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for over 50 years, and over all that time I've had many operations requiring the use of crutches during recovery. My RA caused my wrists to be fused in an odd angle that pretty much made it impossible to use normal under arm crutches. I wore out the first pair of forearm type of crutches, and about 10 years ago I replaced them with another brand of crutch that was very similar. Both of those crutches worked reasonably well, but they weren't all that comfortable, and their adjustability was minimal.

Fast forward to January of 2015 when we were vacationing in Florida and I broke my leg in a bicycle accident. Well, the crutches were back home in Wisconsin, and I needed crutches immediately in Florida. I searched online and discovered smartCRUTCHES. I ordered a pair & they were great. A lot more comfortable than the ones I'd been using with much better adjustments to make them fit just right. I was delighted.

Fast forward again to September of this year. We had moved to Utah temporarily while we were having a new house built in Nevada. Another broken leg & my smartCRUTCHES were locked away in a storage bin in Las Vegas. So I bought my second pair of smartCRUTCHES. I was sure glad to find you & to get the new ones so quickly. In both cases of getting my smartCRUTCH, I've been proud to demonstrate them to the hospital personnel and physical therapists that I've dealt with. The solutions they had offered were crude attempts to add arm rests to walkers, which were way too heavy to be practical, and to me they were almost dangerous to use. To say the least, they were all impressed with my smartCRUTCHES.

I need smartCRUTCHES because my wrists don't bend, and my left elbow won't straighten, making the use of regular crutches nearly impossible and very painful.

I chose the smartCRUTCH because it was the only crutch I could find in extensive searches of the internet, that met my particular needs. The medical people that I worked with were little or no help, as they weren't familiar with smartCRUTCHES. The only solutions they offered were the old fashioned aluminum walkers or crutches that offered inadequate adjustability and comfort.

I love my smartCRUTCHES because they're adjustable enough to fit me perfectly. That allows me to be much more mobile, so I can be more independent and go places that would be impossible with uncomfortable old fashioned crutches. Looking as cool as they do doesn't hurt a bit either.

Thanks again!"

Dave Allen, Utah, USA

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