Vivian is able to use smartCRUTCH® after having had numerous surgeries on her hands

"These crutches are the best type I have used over the past few years since I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ( CRPS/RSD) in my knee. After having had numerous surgeries on my hands I find these crutches take the strain off my hands and wrists which makes it less painful to get around.  The fact that they can be adjusted to various different angles is great as you have more chances of finding the best position for each individual.  I only use one at a time but I bought the pair as I have to rotate hands etc.  Even then, the price for the pair has actually ended up being cheaper than buying just one of a competitors that can be used in either hand and that crutch ended up being much heavier and bulkier to use etc.  I would definitely recommend these crutches and I have been asked numerous times about them."

Vivian, Ontario, Canada

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