How do I switch the smartCRUTCH® handles to a different crutch?

smartCRUTCH handles can be used for left or right crutches and are interchangeable. There are only two positions for each crutch – left or right. You should always use the handle angled correctly for that hand for maximum comfort.

Here are the steps to change the angle of the handle.

  1. Remove the wingnut and two washers (pay attention to the order they go on as you will need to put it back in the exact order otherwise it could dig into the plastic).
  2. With a hammer gently knock the screw out.
  3. Twist the handle to the opposite angle (it has two grooves, one for left, one for right).
  4. Replace the screw using the hammer again, and replace the wing nuts and washers in the same order.
adjustable forearm crutches
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