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What spares should I buy with my smartCRUTCH® and how quickly will my rubber crutch tips wear out?

The MODULAR DESIGN of the smartCRUTCH™ means you will never be left wondering if you can ever obtain spares. From crutch grips, rubber tips to foam pads. Every single component of our forearm smartCRUTCHes are replaceable, and are stocked right here in the USA (with the exception of the colored cuff which is not sold separately).

For recovery of injury it’s very unlikely you’ll need to replace any parts from wear and tear, all the parts of the smartCRUTCH are made with durability of a permanent user in mind.

However if you are a permanent crutch user, wear and tear of parts will depend on a) your weight b) how much indoor versus outdoor use there is c) how much weight bearing there is.

Many users never need to replace any parts including the crutches rubber tips. However for very hard wearing users, the crutch rubber tips, foam pads in the cuff, and the handles (if the rubber wears down eventually) may need replacing after time. You can come back to the website at any time and buy these spare accessories as you need them.

If you are concerned you can always buy some spare accessories with your initial purchase, and for up to 3 spares we include this in the standard shipping price.
You can read more about our Warranty and Replacement Terms here.

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