I've received my Smartcrutches. How do I make sure I'm using them properly?

Thank you for your order, we are so excited for you to receive your smartCRUTCH package.  

We want you to have the best experience possible, and for this there are two things in our experience that would help you:

1. Set Up
Make sure your smartCRUTCHes are set up properly for you for maximum comfort and safety. There are instructions in the box, but it’s also worthwhile watching two of the videos on our website here. They are labeled “how to assemble smartCRUTCH’ and ‘Non weight bearing use’.

2. Transition
You can see from our amazing Reviews that smartCRUTCH changes lives.
However, it is a very different style of crutch use to what you have seen before and are used to (which is why it’s pain-free and comfortable). Please expect it to feel a little awkward and counter-intuitive when you first try them. That’s absolutely normal. Many customers report they took between 20 minutes to a couple of hours transitioning from other forearm crutches or from axillary to smartCRUTCH, but after that time they didn’t look back.
Think about when you lie down on the couch to watch TV, you’re sideways and it’s rather awkward to watch, but 15 minutes later, your brain has figured it out and you’re seeing it the right way up. That’s because it created a new neuro-pathway for that, and it will for smartCRUTCH too, and quickly.
Read Tom’s helpful account of his transition here.

The videos above are also helpful with this transition as they demonstrate walking with your smartCRUTCH.

Lastly, once you’ve got the hang of it (and you’re no longer in pain and whizzing around the place at top speed), please drop us a line and tell us all about it. We love reviews. They help other customers in the same situation as you to make this SMART leap.


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